Adopted – A poem by Clara age 12

'If you want to know how young people in care feel, its not through an evaluation form, not through a system of committees. Get them to write poetry.’ Lemn Sissay, 2015

I am adopted.

I am one of millions,

Hundreds, thousands,

Maybe even billions.

It can make you feel sad or happy;

Or more complex feelings,

Like withdrawn or snappy.

Our stories are all different,

They’re never set in a straight line.

Sometimes parents just can’t care for us,

Are hurt,

or committed crime.

When you are adopted,

People act as if you are different.

They talk behind your back,

And give you different treatment.

When you are adopted,

Life is full of laughter.

But then you look back and think,

“Have I a happy ever after?”

Sometimes we get bullied,

And this is really hard.

None of it’s your fault,

But you take it to heart.

People don’t understand, that that’s too close to home;

You start to isolate yourself,

To be safe, is to be alone.

Some people build walls,

Big, strong, safe ones.

Huge and thick;

They weigh tons and tons.

But these walls, you see,

Aren’t to keep people out.

They’re to see who cares,

To knock them about.

A few people I know,

Have knocked my wall down.

They are the people,

Who will never,

ever let me down.

 Do you know someone who has built a wall?

How big is the wall?

Is it ever so tall?

Will you knock down the wall,

Give your heart as a home?

To make sure that person, Is never alone?

We are not so different,

You and me.

I am human,

I have feelings,

Can’t you see?

Just because I’m adopted,

 Doesn’t mean I’m different.

I’m just like any other person,

Please, don’t give me different treatment.

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